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Technology evolves. So should your home.

Focused on transforming the future, Van Metre proudly introduces the next generation of homebuilding: POWERhaus. This evolution of homebuilding is built on performance and minimizes the environmental impact associated with building a new home.

Van Metre already employs state-of-the-art recycling and waste minimization procedures at BASE, our component manufacturing facility in Winchester, Virginia. But with the volume of global construction waste projected to double to 2.2 billion tons by 2025, we recognized the immediate need to do more. After all, we only have one planet.

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A greener future, one home at a time.

POWERhaus will transform modern homebuilding through innovation. Van Metre’s goal with this groundbreaking initiative is to create a greener future. By decreasing demands on the larger environment and moving towards sustainability, we have taken unprecedented steps in shaping the next evolution of homebuilding. And, through this process, we’ve learned how to build an even better home.

The environmental impacts of POWERhaus are multi-dimensional.

As a Zero Net Energy home, expect this home to be so air-tight, well insulated and energy-efficient that it produces as much renewable energy as it consumes over the course of a year. You should even have enough power left over to charge your electric car.

Not only does POWERhaus encourage responsible use of renewable energy sources, but it reduces reliance on natural gas, monitors household water usage, encourages sustainability through responsible construction practices and eliminates the majority of construction waste.

POWERhaus is so much more than just a typical “green home.” It combines advanced design and superior building technologies with energy efficiency and onsite solar panels to construct a superior home.

The benefits to our customers are extensive and potentially life-changing.

POWERhaus allows for stricter quality control throughout construction, reduces exposure to elements throughout the building process, ensures faster delivery timeframes, provides freedom from unknown future energy costs, offers better knowledge and control over personal use of natural resources and provides the latest in Smart Home technology and connectivity.

As an interdisciplinary collaboration among some of the industry’s best minds, POWERhaus offers a futuristic smart house that architecturally blends with the streetscape of any Van Metre community.

Designed and constructed to deliver performance across all systems, POWERhaus leverages innovative technologies to maximize energy efficiency, quality and comfort. Our partners include well-known brands such as Tesla, Mitsubishi, Kohler, Lutron, BrightSuite by Dominion Energy and more.

POWERhaus industrializes the building process by moving it from a job site to the factory floor. Referred to as modular construction, these factory-crafted homes meet and, in many cases, exceed Van Metre’s exacting standards. Constructed in a moisture-controlled environment with intense supervision and quality control procedures, the cartridges that ultimately create POWERhaus are built in a six-week time frame and delivered onsite. Once delivered, a crew assembles the cartridges in one day. A home that once took months to build can now be delivered in a matter of weeks.

The Future

Van Metre Homes is one of very few new home builders in North America actively exploring the implementation of modular construction. We are excited to announce the construction of our first POWERhaus prototype at Prosperity Plans in Chantilly, Virginia. In the near future, expect to see an entire POWERhaus townhome row at our upcoming community of Demott & Silver in Broadlands, Virginia. And we anticipate expanding POWERhaus across additional product lines, including single-family homes. Ultimately, we envision a future where every Van Metre home is a POWERhaus.


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