The future of home living: a look into innovative factory-crafted modular building

Centered on propelling the future forward, Van Metre proudly introduces an exciting leap in homebuilding: POWERhaus. This evolution of home construction embraces the efficiency of factory craftsmanship while minimizing the ecological footprint associated with new home construction. Through the assembly of modular cartridges at BASE, our manufacturing facility in Winchester, VA, we’ve reimagined the process.

Crafted within controlled moisture environments, these cartridges are transported to their designated locations. There, an on-site crew orchestrates their assembly within an impressively abbreviated timeline. What once extended across months is now condensed into weeks.

The pillars of innovation and excellence behind POWERhaus

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POWERhaus comes to life at BASE, Van Metre's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and warehouse. Here, we converge multiple production and distribution phases within a single, dynamic space.

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