Our Story

Commitment That Endures

In 1955, our founder, Albert G. Van Metre, began a business endeavor that would evolve into a family of companies. His meticulous nature and uncompromising ideals set him apart from other local developers, and his name quickly became synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

Photo of Albert G. Van Metre the founder of Van Metre Companies.


As a homegrown business, perpetuating our founder’s legacy of local giving is both our responsibility and our pride. Today, we support many of the same local charities that were so important to Albert G. Van Metre, including Capital Hospice, Children’s National Medical Center, and HomeAid.

Van Metre 5-Mile Run for Children's Hospital

Core Values

In our second generation of family ownership, we are a truly local developer whose reputation is grounded in honesty, strength, and loyalty. For us, these are foundational ideals that make us who we are — both as individuals, and as a family.

Leesburg Grand Opening with Mayor


The highest honors we receive come from the people who live in our homes and put down roots in our neighborhoods. But across the years, we’ve been fortunate to be recognized by numerous organizations and award programs for our expertise in planning, developing and establishing thriving communities in the region our family calls home.