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Introducing Van Metre x Spike

After spending three decades as a chef, restauranteur, and TV personality on shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef America, Spike Mendelsohn has joined the Van Metre family as executive chef, brand ambassador, and culinary lifestyle expert.

“More and more people are looking at designing and buying their forever homes and they want to make sure that these homes include chef-inspired, dream kitchens. With Spike’s creativity and experience, Van Metre can deliver kitchens that will provide unique cooking and gathering spaces and fulfill our goal of creating the sustainable kitchen,” says Kevin Rabil, Executive Vice President of Van Metre Homes.


Chef-inspired kitchens

Elevate your cooking skills to a new level in high-quality, state-of-the-art kitchens. Inspired by Spike, these kitchens emphasize a culinary lifestyle that infuses not only your recipes but your very essence. Something as simple as sharing a family meal or entertaining friends becomes a rich new experience.


Van Metre x Chef Spike - Chef Inspired Kitchens


Exclusive Experiences

Stay tuned for Spike-hosted culinary events and cooking demonstrations at Van Metre model homes. Be sure to sign up for our exclusive how-to videos that share relevant cooking tips. Most importantly, discover how Spike and Van Metre’s philanthropy intersect to promote health and wellness.

Van Metre x Chef Spike - Experience


One-of-a-kind Recipes

Van Metre, in conjunction with Spike’s expertise, will facilitate you getting to know your new kitchen a little better. Be on the lookout for fresh and innovative recipes that help hone your ever-improving cooking skills.

Van Metre x Chef Spike - Recipes


Community Service

A commonality between Van Metre and Spike is our shared passion for building a better community. We are invested in making Northern Virginia & the DC Metro area a better place by giving our time, energy and resources to the people we serve.

Van Metre x Chef Spike - Philanthropy


Holiday Recipes

We're all aware the holiday dinners are probably going to be a bit different this year. Chef Spike curated three recipes for you to enjoy your holiday meal—Croissant Cups, Maple Glazed Ham Steak & No Bake Individual Cheesecakes. Click here to download.

see what spike's been cookin'

  • Van Metre x Chef Spike - How to Peel Ginger
    Van Metre x Chef Spike - How to Peel Ginger
    Chef Spike teaches you how to peel ginger with this tip & trick!
  • Van Metre x Chef Spike - How to Trim Kale
    Van Metre x Chef Spike - How to Trim Kale
    Chef Spike shows you how to trim kale while having a kale of a good time!
  • Van Metre x Chef Spike - How To: Chop Onions
    Van Metre x Chef Spike - How To: Chop Onions
  • Van Metre x Chef Spike - How To: Cut Broccoli
    Van Metre x Chef Spike - How To: Cut Broccoli
    Watch Chef Spike teach you how to fabricate broccoli without any waste. Use this helpful trick to create his Broccoli Miso Soup.
  • Van Metre x Chef Spike — Pineapple Salsa
    Van Metre x Chef Spike — Pineapple Salsa


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