Snow days, hot chocolate, and great times spent with your family are probably among the first things that come to mind when you think of winter. But, you should also add purchasing a new home to this list! Believe it or not, winter is an incredible time to buy a home. Here are 4 reasons for you to buy a new home during this winter. Less Crowded Market – Winter, specifically around the holidays, can be a busy time for many people. School, family and travel obligations fill up people’s calendars and new home shopping isn’t the priority it was during the spring and summer. Now is the time to use this to your advantage! Although Van Metre Homes has the perfect home for anyone, it’s always nice to browse through models and amenities at your own pace without have to step around other shoppers. You love this kitchen? Then take your time and as many pictures as you’d like since it’s not as busy as it would be during the warmer months. The model homes at Van Metre Homes are open daily year-round, meaning you can stop in any time to see what your new home could be like! Faster Closings – If you’re looking to move into a new home quickly, the winter months are prime for settling on a home. Many people are too busy during this season to look for a new home or they decide that they want to wait until the weather gets better. If you have your heart set on that move-in-ready home that is just perfect for your family, now is the chance to own it! Van Metre Homes have many quick move-in homes available to move in to in as little as 30 days! Test Your Home In Harsh Weather – When you’re making a major purchase like a new Van Metre Homes home, it’s important to see how it holds up in every condition. Taking a tour of new homes and communities during the colder months will give you a great idea of what living in a new Van Metre Homes home will be like year-round. Van Metre Homes homes have a number of features that will help you stay comfortable in the winter, including a fireplace, comfortable insulation, and energy efficient appliances. Visit our website for more information and get settled in a new Van Metre Homes home this winter!