The homes of Van Metre Homes offer exceptional standard features that are typically considered upgrades by other home builders. That’s why so many people fall in love with our homes. One of the features many new homeowners fall in love with is the beautiful kitchen that features granite countertops and upgraded appliances. The first thing you’ll want to do with your new gourmet kitchen is add some of your own flair! Here are some easy Do’s and Don’ts for styling your new Arcadia kitchen that will impress your friends and family! Do use colorful statement pieces such as brightly colored large appliances to add splashes of color to your kitchen! Don’t leave barely used or small appliances on your counters. It will make your kitchen look messy and disorganized. Do remember the rule of multiples when accessorizing your counter space! Odd numbered accessories are more pleasing on the eye! Don’t use accessories that don’t relate to the rest of your kitchen. If you’re going for a more rustic or antique look, don’t put modern décor to go along side it. Do try to accessorize your kitchen with items that are functional. Many kitchen gadgets and accessories are quite stylish and will look great in your new Arcadia kitchen. Don’t crowd your counters with unnecessary items. Your counters aren’t a storage space for unnecessary knick-knacks. Keep everything organized and simple! Do accessorize your kitchen with appropriate artwork. It will help to brighten up your walls and add color to your already beautiful Arcadia kitchen. Don’t forget that kitchens can be a bit messy! There is going to be grease splatters, sauce splashes and boiling water. Make sure that if you are going to hang art that it’s out of reach of things that would ruin it! If you follow these do’s and don’ts, your new Van Metre Homes home is going to have a “Wow” factor that will make your neighbors’ jaws drop! You can find out more about the new homes for sale at Van Metre Homes from the home section of our website.