Organizing a garage towering with clutter can certainly prove to be a challenge. And, if your family is like most, the garage isn’t just for your vehicles but also for hockey equipment, your golf bag, gardening tools and so much more.

So why not use ‘Spring Cleaning’ as your excuse to finally tackle the chaos in your garage? Check out these organizational tips before you get started – you’ll be glad you did!

Throw Away, Donate/Sell, Keep

Professional organizers suggest taking this preliminary step before doing anything else.  Pull all your belongings out and sort them into one of three piles: Throw Away, Donate/Sell or Keep.  Once you’ve tossed out all the junk, you’ll still be surprised with how much stuff you’re holding on to but don’t need. So why not donate it to your local Goodwill or sell it in your next yard sale?  Once you’ve boiled your belongings down to just the necessities, you’ll have a much easier time organizing them.

Utilize Wall Space

Keeping as many items off the floor whenever possible will save you tons of space. Things like bicycles, cleaning supplies, sports gear, and other miscellaneous items can easily be hung on a wall.  Pegboard with hooks is a popular choice for wall hanging because it’s easy to use and items can be rearranged in a breeze - both convenient and space savvy!

Invest in Customizable Shelving

Having some type of sturdy shelving unit will be a lifesaver when organizing the smaller items in your garage. Shelving can range from a utility cabinet with wheels for mobility (make sure they have a brake!) or framed metal shelving that can be installed on the wall or as a stand-alone unit.  Typically, items kept on open shelves are easier to access than those in closed cabinets.

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are important to have for items that may be susceptible to moisture and other factors.  Everyday items can be kept on the open shelving units and seasonal belongings can be stored and stacked in a corner or other storage space. As a note, clear bins will make it easier to see what’s in each bin at a glance.

Best of all, these organizational methods are all great options because they help reclaim the garage for additional uses – like your car!

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