Winter is here and the cold and snowy weather will be here before you realize it. If you haven’t already started preparing for the winter months, it’s important to make sure that your new Van Metre Homes home is ready to go before you find yourself standing knee deep in the snow trying to fix a problem. Here are four things that you can do for your home for an easier transition into the frigid winter weather. Swap Out Your Bedding – The first thing you should do to prepare is also the easiest. Make sure to change out all the bedding and blankets in your home to warmer bedding. You can even layer on some extras throws and blankets for extra warmth! Our homes feature beautiful, spacious bedrooms that offer a cozy atmosphere for those winter nights. And even though our homes are built to the highest efficiency standards, who doesn't enjoy an extra cozy night in bed! Put Away Your Outdoor Gear – While you probably hate to admit it, the colder weather means you are going to be spending more time inside than out. Now would be a good time to scrub down any outdoor furniture and give your grill a good cleaning before you cover or store it away for the season. The homes of Van Metre Homes offer spacious outdoor and garage storage areas where you can keep all of your outdoor equipment until the warm weather returns. Clean Your Gutters – Clogged gutters can be a problem for almost any home, no matter how new that home may be. Make sure to keep them clean and clear of debris before that winter snow hits! Either pull out your ladder or hire someone to get rid of any blockages, but either way keep them clear so that the spring meltdown flows easily through the proper drainage. Pull Out Your Winter Rugs – Winter weather is usually wet and snowy, meaning that your family could track mud onto your beautiful new hardwood floors! Prevent slick, dirty floors by keeping area rugs at entryways for people to wipe their feet on. It’s also helpful to designate a place for family and guests to put their shoes when they enter your home. Small area rugs are a cheap way to prolong the life of your beautiful floors and carpets! Regardless of the weather, our homes at Van Metre Homes look wonderful year round. Contact us today to learn more about homeownership at Arcadia.