Every winter, we find ourselves hoping for minimal snowfall (while our kids hope for the opposite).  In the past, Mother Nature has graced us with beautiful dustings to full-out blizzards – in both Northern Virginia and the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, a region that’s home to several of our new home communities.

To prevent damage to your new home, and more importantly to prevent injury, we’ve provided our homeowners with a few of our best practices when dealing with snow:

Be Prepared

Being prepared is certainly easier said than done.  Most of the time, we’re not even aware that we need a new shovel until it has already snowed.  On the next clear day, head out to the hardware store and stock up on shovels and sidewalk salt. Even if there’s no snow in the forecast, you’ll be happy to be prepared when there is!

Find a Quality Ice Scraper

In our region, snow tends to melt and form sheets of ice on cars and windshields.  A sturdy ice scraper will be a lifesaver for mornings after brief snowfall.  Clearing your car before your commute doesn’t have to be the chore it’s known to be!

Drive Mindfully

We all like to think we’re experts when it comes to driving in the snow, but it’s not always our own driving we need to worry about. While you might have a technique down pat, fellow drivers might not.  Driving mindfully allows you to maneuver safely on slick roads, but also keeps you alert of other not-so-cautious drivers.

Clear Heavy Snow

To protect your home and property, we recommend removing any heavy snow that could weigh down nearby limbs, causing them to snap or inflict damage.  This also applies to any yard fixtures or gutters – just be sure to use a specially made roof rake to remove safely from the ground!

Enjoy It!

A beautiful snowfall is certainly a novelty, so enjoy it while it lasts.  Go ahead and build a snowman or indulge in a snowball fight – spring will be here before we know it!