For many, the New Year brings new aspirations and a breath of fresh air – the same goes for prospective homebuyers!  Countless families have already pegged 2015 as the year they want to buy a new home, and with all the encouraging progress in the housing market, we couldn’t agree more!

Here’s why we think 2015 with a great year for first-time homebuyers:

Priorities Are Changing

Homebuyers on the hunt might see a housing market shift in their favor when it comes to what’s most important.  More and more builders are realizing the value of providing more than just a home, but a community.  This new focus on quality-of-life is a great benefit to homebuyers, allowing them to find not only the perfect home, but the perfect community along with it.

Better Selection

Builders, Van Metre Homes included, continue to bring new product to the housing market.  Ultimately, this benefits homebuyers the most by providing them with a selection of new homes.

CNN Money even notes that “no-frills” homes typically fall into the price range for first-time buyers.  While this might be true with most builders, there’s an incredible difference when choosing an Van Metre Homes’ home.  Homebuyers can find all the frills – hardwood flooring, granite countertop, designer cabinetry, reaching first-floor ceilings, and even more luxury features and finishes – in their new home at the right price.

More Lending Options

The new lending guidelines put in place by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac might also make it easier for first-time buyers to qualify for a mortgage.  Here at Van Metre Homes, we offer even more with our preferred lender, First Home Mortgage.  Their expert service and competitive financing programs will help make your home buying experience with Van Metre Homes everything you’d imagine it to be!

With a strong focus on community, a greater selection of new homes, and lending options with our preferred lender, buyers will have no trouble finding their first home with Van Metre Homes.  And, with all the astounding improvements, 2015 presents an excellent opportunity to jump into the housing market with both feet.

The Springs, a new home community in Martinsburg WV, is ideal for first-time buyers.  Spacious floorplans and a variety of models to choose from make this community the first-choice for families with plans to grow in their future.  All designed and crafted to the Van Metre Homes standard, these newly built homes offer even more to homeowners!