Moving into a new home can be stressful enough, but when you add children to the equation, it can be easy for things to get out of hand. As an experienced homebuilder, Van Metre Homes is here to help and we strive to prepare you every step of the way. If you and your family are moving into an Arcadia home with children, check out these must know tips for making it a smooth transition: 1. Have a meeting: Get the kids together over a casual dinner and explain to them why you are choosing to move into a new home. Make sure you let them express concerns and tell them that you will be counting on them to help out. 2. Show it off: If you’ve chosen a home already, show your children! Show them photos or even take a day to visit the home if it’s nearby. It will be easier in the long run if they have an idea of what to expect. 3. Declutter: Moving is a great time to go through stuff and get rid of clutter, because you will be packing it all up anyways. Sit down with the kids one by one and go through their things. Throw out items you know can’t be saved, donate other items such as outgrown clothes, and pack up the rest. 4. Have a moving sale: One of the best ways to get rid of things that you were planning on leaving behind is to have a moving sale. Get together with the kids and vote on what the money will go towards; maybe a new gaming system or a pet! 5. Get to know the community: Make sure to do some research on the schools, parks, nearby attractions, and layout of the community before you move. Take a day to explore the area with your kids! The more your kids know about where you’re moving, the easier the move will be! 6. Plan the rooms: Whether this means assigning bedrooms or decorating your new Arcadia home, let the kids help out! Give them special projects like choosing their room color or creating some artwork. 7. Keep in touch: One of the hardest things about moving for children are the friends they will leave behind. If you are not moving too far, plan a weekend where your kids can have a friend visit. Make sure you get contact information from parents so the kids can stay in touch.   Source: