One of the best things about moving into a new Arcadia home is that you now have a brand new blank slate that you can plan and design as you wish! That’s especially true when you’re trying to figure out what you want to do with the rooms in your house. The roomy, open interior of Arcadia homes provide a versatility you’ll be hard-pressed to find with other homebuilders. We want to give you some examples of how you can plan out one particular room in your house: your home office. Find Your Space – If you know you’re going to want an office in your new home, pre-plan it so you can organize the right space to meet your needs. Whether you want an entire room or you just need a small nook in the living room, the homes by Van Metre Homes provide open concept designs that make it easy for you to create each space just as you desire! Depending on the community, certain new home designs have areas specially designated for a flex/study space. Get A Room With A View – When you’re figuring out where to put the office in your new Arcadia home, choose a place near a window. A view of the outside will help you relax while working and provides natural light, which helps to decrease stress. Cornering The Workflow – A home office doesn’t need to have its own room. A place as simple as the corner of your living room can serve as a great place for your home office. Set up a table, chair and any office accessories you need and you’ll have the perfect spot to work on what you need to get done! Color Your Workspace – No one wants to work in a bland, listless workspace. Adding a splash of color will brighten up your workspace and give it a bit of personality. If you have your office in an open area such as the living room or great room, color on the walls around your work area is a great way to differentiate the space as well. The homes of Arcadia communities offer spacious open floor plans that allow you to be creative with your space. Exceptional features and finishes that are typically considered upgrades by other homebuilders are standard in an Van Metre Homes home. Learn more about how you can “get used to getting more” here.