4 ways to transform your bathroom into a home spa


The explosion of social media, especially Pinterest, has awakened many homeowners to the potential for the most unassuming of all spaces—the bathroom—as an epicenter of relaxation in a home. Transforming your bathroom into a home spa is a great way to ensure you’re in the right frame of mind as you prepare and wind down from each day. Start with the following bathroom upgrade ideas to create a home spa that indulgences the senses:  


1. Install a spa-like shower

Although a dramatic soak-tub may be more magazine-worthy, chances are you’ll only use it every once in a while (the average American spends about an hour total each week in the shower). Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of water and massage during your daily routine by branching out from the standard solo showerhead and including multiple options that can be turned on and off or adjusted on the fly, such as body sprays (wall-mounted nozzles that are aimed below your shoulders). From invigorating jets that help you feel your cleanest to luxurious “rainheads” that hang high above and shower you gently, the options are endlessly customizable.



2. Focus on warmth

Indulge in sensory experiences like heated floors and towel warmers to ensure that cold bathroom tiles don’t send you running back under the blankets on chilly mornings. These upgrades are surprisingly easy to install, and can actually save money over time by allowing for lower overall temperatures in your home during colder months.


3. Get the lighting right

Adjust the atmosphere from bright and clean in the morning to soft and tranquil before bed by installing dimmers on bathroom lighting. The illumination of mirrors is particularly important, so consider using task lighting above the mirror or sconces on the sides that will minimize glares.


4. Consider your countertops

“Upgrading the countertop from a cultured marble to a granite can add value not only in the materials used in the home, but also visual value,” says Elaine Dai at the Van Metre Homes Design Centre. “Granite is a statement piece in bathrooms, whether it’s used as a bold contrast of color or assists in blending the other materials used.” Once you’ve decided on the material, make sure you can show it off by planning for plenty of storage to house towels and toiletries. “Buyers often select a level 2-7 bathroom cabinet because they include drawers for storage and help de-clutter bathroom countertops,” says Elaine.  There’s no reason that your style and personality should stop at the bathroom door—so go ahead, building the home spa you’ve always wanted. You deserve it!


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