The 3 Smart Home Features You Want and Need Today Smart technology has been around for more than a decade (think how smart our smartphones have made us!). Most consumers already expect smart technology in their phones and cars, but more and more are now seeking it in their homes. So, Van Metre is excited to provide smart home technology as standard features in our upcoming Marquis communities. Here are the three most popular smart home features among home buyers and how these features can make your life both easier and safer: Wireless Security Systems The top reason wireless security systems are the most popular smart home feature is their ease of installation and removal. Once a homeowner invests in a security system, they have the luxury of uninstalling the system if and when they decide to move (and, of course, reinstalling the system in their new home)—talk about simple and convenient! There has also been a shift from professionally monitored security systems to self-monitored systems, which homeowners can control through smartphones and tablets. These new systems provide homeowners with a more hands-on and personal approach for home surveillance. Smart Locks With smart door locks, homeowners are able to lock and unlock their home remotely with their smartphones or tablets. Need to make sure the kids make it home safely? Smart door locks can also track when children arrive home from school or when a family’s dog walker, housekeeper, or other service provider enters their home. There are now smart locks with cameras that allow homeowners to see who is at their front door before they decide to let someone enter their home—no more peep holes or need to tiptoe quietly through your house to see who’s shown up at your door. Smart locks give homeowners an increased sense of security and control, letting them feel their smart home is truly a smarter home. Smart Thermostats Homeowners are extremely excited about this one. Smart thermostats have the ability to learn the residents’ climate preferences and create a comfortable atmosphere for the entire family. These thermostats can be monitored via a smartphone or tablet and adjusted in real time. Gone are the days of guessing and programming. Want cool nights - just press an icon. Want balmy? Another press and your climate’s as tropical as you’d like. Now if only smart thermostats could actually transport us to the Caribbean! What are the benefits of having smart house features professionally installed? Most homeowners prefer having smart home features professionally installed simply because of the convenience. Plus, consumers have become accustomed to services and products that are delivered on demand. If you think about it, anything you could ever want is only a phone tap away. Research shows that a homeowner is more likely to incorporate smart home products into their home when they’re moving into a new home or when their home is undergoing a large-scale renovation—both very demanding situations that limit a homeowner’s spare time and make hiring a professional a life saver. As smart tech becomes more standard in houses, how will this affect what buyers look for in a new home? It’s only a matter of time before buyers begin expecting homes to be “smarter.” More home buyers will demand smart locks and thermostats and they’ll want their homes to function more efficiently. Home buyers will also enjoy having more control over the monitoring and diagnostics of appliances, HVAC systems, plumbing, home functions because they’ll receive immediate alerts when something doesn’t work properly. This means that repairs will be scheduled quicker and we can all bid farewell to the days of waiting around between 9 and 2 for the washer to be fixed. Smart home technology allows us to be proactive and, as homes get even smarter, we’ll all avoid the pains that really smart!