Bathroom Cleaning

Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your environment. Now more than ever, deep cleaning a space in your new home provides a profound sense of satisfaction and well-being. See below for an exploration of how to deep clean your bathroom.


Do research.  Ascertain which cleaners you are going to use for which surfaces. Research the best products for the various surfaces in your home.  Are you using commercial cleaners or mixing your own?  Gather anything you might need, such as microfiber rags, toilet brush, floor mop, sponges.

Remove the clutter

Throw away expired items. Wipe down items in your bathroom you handle often.  As you clean, move them out of the bathroom to a pre-determined location to dry.

Wash linens

This includes bath and hand towels, bathmats, even shower curtains and liners. Use the sanitize setting on your washing machine, if you have one.  Follow care labels where applicable.

Vacuum all surfaces

Get rid of hair and dust. Vacuum the floor, walls, behind and around the toilet, under the vanity, shower floor, bathroom countertops, baseboards and window sills.

Wipe down surfaces

Scrub all surfaces, including the vanity, cabinet doors, sink(s), faucets, door knobs, light fixtures, windows, mirrors and bathroom fan (making sure to stay away from internal parts).  Bottom line: if you touch it, step on it, or sit on it—SANITIZE! 

Deep clean shower and tub

Remove soap build-up on shower doors, walls and floor. Refresh dingy grout by applying approved cleaning product to dirty and mildewed areas and following directions. Use a sponge and some elbow grease to scrub the grime away.

Clean toilet

Start on the bowl with your toilet cleaner and scrub brush; after scrubbing, allow to sit for 15 minutes before flushing. Don’t forget to clean the flusher, as well as both sides of the toilet seat and the rim of the toilet bowl.

Finish with the floors

How you clean your floors depends on the type of floors you have.  Apply a cleaner safe for the surface. If fumes are bothersome, open a window or door to ensure maximum air flow. Rinse and wipe dry.

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