Elaine Dai’s Top Decor Trends for 2017

Trendspotting with Elaine Dai of the Van Metre Design Studio

It’s 2017! And with each new year comes countless opportunities to reflect, revamp and refresh.
Whether you’re moving into a brand new home this year or looking to update your current one,  Elaine Dai from The Van Metre Design Studio is here to help you explore which options are right for you.


To help you get started, here’s Elaine’s list of top trends to consider in 2017. Try one or try them all, and get in touch with our design studio for questions or more inspiration!


The Look: Contemporary


So far in 2017, we’ve seen a strong push to declutter, simplify and create a positive, uplifting environment in the home. As a result, expect a decorative shift towards a contemporary look and feel — with clean lines and bright, open spaces. Browse houzz.com for a few examples of contemporary decor and open floor plans.


The Fixtures: Dark & Modern


In line with the overall contemporary trend in home decor, we’re seeing bold, modern choices for light fixtures. Examples include contemporary wall sconces or statement pieces like this Titus chandelier, which will be available soon at the Van Metre Design Studio. Color choices for lighting and other home fixtures are trending towards darker hues, with materials like oiled bronze taking the place of more traditional choices like brushed nickel. This darker trend also applies to cabinets, plumbing, sinks and even flooring, with a push for richer hardwoods like hand-scraped Hickory Gray, Elm Tobacco Road or Hickory Saddle.  


The Countertops: Quartz


For the past few years, granite countertops have seen a surge in popularity. But in 2017, we expect quartz countertops to make a comeback in a big way, simply because they’re durable, easy to maintain and come in a seemingly infinite array of colors. Check out HGTV’s overview of quartz countertops to see if quartz is a good option for your kitchen surfaces.


The Accent Walls: Unexpected


When it comes to accent walls in your home, ditch the standard interior paint and opt for something with texture and more visual interest. Explore textured materials or unexpected wallpaper choices (we recently worked with clients on glitter and brick pattern accent walls) and don’t worry about making the entire home flow together cohesively — the new 2017 accent wall creates a bold statement and is meant to draw attention.


Have any other trends you’re excited to try in 2017? Visit us in the design studio and we’ll explore the many ways to make your home pop in the new year.