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Builders Story

Builders Story

Founded in 1955 by Albert G. Van Metre, Sr., Van Metre Companies has grown into one of the most successful privately owned real estate companies in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Early Life and Company Beginnings.

Albert G. Van Metre, Sr. came from a military family, son of a Navy commodore and descendant of three admirals. Before he launched a career in homebuilding, Albert G. Van Metre proudly served in the United States military. He began his education at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and completed it at George Washington University with a degree in engineering. After Officer Candidate School with the U.S. Army, Mr. Van Metre served at Fort Belvoir in Virginia. It was while at Fort Belvoir that he began his career in real estate, and from there, he never looked back. Utilizing his engineering background, Mr. Van Metre began assisting two gentlemen on the weekend, surveying and subdividing land for their residential developments. He quickly determined that he wanted to develop his own land, and with a partner, developed his first two lots in Alexandria. That initial foray swiftly led to many more projects in the Northern Virginia area including larger developments and planned communities. With strong determination and an unrelenting work ethic, Mr. Van Metre’s vision for Van Metre Companies quickly became reality.   The business that bears his name was his life’s passion.

Growth and Family Business.

In 1963, Albert G. Van Metre Jr., known as Beau, joined his father at the Van Metre Companies and today serves as the Chairman of the Company. Mr. Van Metre and Beau Van Metre, along with the other executive owners, Rick Rabil, Ken Ryan and Brad Gable, grew Van Metre Companies into the multi-faceted real estate development company it is today. Within its portfolio, Van Metre Companies controls investment properties, both residential and commercial, master planned communities, residential subdivisions, title and mortgage services, a building supply company, athletic facilities and golf courses. Thanks to the strong foundation and strategic planning of Albert G. Van Metre, the Van Metre Companies has thrived since his death in 2008. With many family members actively involved in the business today, Van Metre Companies proudly remains a family operation, and will continue as one for generations to come.


In addition to homebuilding, Mr. Van Metre had a renowned passion for philanthropy. He was a strong supporter of many charitable organizations, most notably non-profit hospice care, and enjoyed working with young people. An avid sailboat racer, he parlayed his love of sailing into philanthropy when he helped found the Hospice Cup Regatta in the 1980’s. The Hospice Cup Regatta remains the largest charity sailing regatta in the country.

Mr. Van Metre’s commitment to giving back to the community is one of the core values of Van Metre Companies today. Van Metre employees donate their time in support of local charities such as Children’s National Medical Center, HomeAid and Women Giving Back, among many others. The Van Metre Companies Foundation was formed in May 2014 and is run by a group of employees who serve as the Board of Directors and have full discretion over the disbursement of the Foundation’s funds to local organizations.

Core Values of the Company.

Van Metre Companies adheres to a strong set of values in addition to its emphasis on philanthropy. Its employee are guided by four key principles: Integrity, Ownership, Respect and Dignity. Van Metre Companies defines success as providing the highest quality and best valued products and services in the marketplace with the goal of earning customers for life. Its reputation has been built by adhering to Mr. Van Metre’s core values and mission in every facet of the business, and by hiring and retaining the best employees. A strong, established culture and solid business planning ensure that Van Metre will remain one of the most admired companies in the Washington DC area and a trusted “Builder for Life” for years to come.

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